A Day in the Life of an HR Manager (A2-B1/v572)


Two young HR managers at Unilever describe their training program and their typical day at work.


Kelly Needham, Former HR Graduate:

I’m Kelly Needham and I’m a Global HR Business Partner for Communications and Media. I’ve gone through a lot of different experiences from life in our ice cream factory in Gloucester.

I went out of function for a while and sat in our Sainsbury team doing our marketing for our skin and hair brands and then I ended the scheme actually in the role I’m in today so business partner and global media and communications.

I think because the scheme is two years long the transition from going from a graduate to a manager is quite smooth. I don’t think I noticed it as harshly as I thought I maybe would. I think you’re definitely quite well prepared for that next step up.

A day in the life of Kelly:

My diary is completely different depending on what day of the week it is, what month it is. I could be at a leadership team conference that lasts all week.

I could be in the office having meetings with lots of business partners, external people, or I could be getting out there around the world visiting some of my business partners.

So at the minute I’m organizing a trip to New York to go and meet some of the guys in our offices over there.

Jess Vincent, Former HR Graduate:

I’m Jessica Vincent, I’ve recently moved roles. Currently I am the Global Leadership Development Manager for Early Careers which looks after graduates predominantly.

I have done quite a few jobs in the time that I’ve been at Unilever. I started on the training program. I did four placements in HR starting off in the Leeds factory looking after shift patterns on the factory floor.

I’ve been fortunate that I have moved roles quite often never having done one for more than about 2 1/2 years.

A day in the life of Jess:

So there is no average day in my role at the moment. There’s a vast array of projects that I work on.

I could be working on our employer branding making sure that it really lives and breathes in the UK and Ireland market.

I could also be working on our referrals process in the UK and Ireland which means that people can refer a friend. Come and join the company because they have such a good experience here.

Or I could be working with our partners “Excentia” in terms of making sure that our candidate experience for people, whether they’re successful or not at getting a job at Unilever, have a really good experience and go out as “brand ambassadors” having had an interaction with us.


1. Unilever’s training program definitely prepares you for the next ________.
2. My ________ is completely different depending what day of the week it is.
3. There’s a ________ of projects that I work on.
4. Sometimes I work on our ________ process in the UK and Ireland where employees can recommend a friend for a job.
5. I could be working with Excentia ________ that our candidate experience is very positive.


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Ces ressources sont disponibles que pour nos membres. Contactez-nous, si vous-êtes intéressé par un accès complet.