Behind the Moustache: The Movember Story (B2-C1/v512)


Movember is a fundraising movement focused on men’s health.  CEO and co-founder of Movember talks about the organization’s origins and objectives.


Adam Garone:  My  favorite moustache is I guess the one I’m  rocking now. This is my  go-to, it’s very 80’s porn. My name is Adam Garone, I’m CEO  and  one of the co-founders  of Movember, the month formerly known as November, where we get men to grow  moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

Essentially I’m a moustache farmer, and our season is November. In Australia, “mo” is slang for moustache. Movember started in a really non-traditional way, but in a very traditional Australian way – it was over beers on a Sunday afternoon with my brother and another mate. And we were talking about 70’s fashion, and how everything comes back into style. And the conversation turned to, you know, what hasn’t come back? And whatever happened to the moustache? And the day ended with a challenge to bring back the moustache.

Let’s choose November, rename it Movember, and create the basic rules, which is start the month clean-shaven, grow a moustache for 30 days, and raise awareness and funds. It really is a grassroots movement, and, you know, at its heart it is a little bit rebellious. A lot of guys do Movember to annoy their girlfriends, to annoy their bosses, and it’s validated because they’re doing it for a good cause.

Andy Leonetti:  I get comments ranging from, “Wow, that’s a killer moustache!” or something like, “Wow, what are you doing?” And that one’s the best because I say, “Well, I’m participating in Movember. Have you heard of Movember?”

Andrew Maguire:  The best thing about being a Mo Bro is doing my part. You know, I don’t think we have a choice. You have to do something. Everybody has to do something.

Adam Garone:  Mo Sistas are the lovely, gorgeous girls in our lives that support us no matter how bad or good we look.

Melissa Basilice:  I just think they’re sexy.

Michelle Jonas:  I am a Mo Sista.  As a Mo Sista,  just like a Mo Bro,  we go to and register. We participate in the galas, we fundraise, pretty much anything that a guy can do – but we just don’t grow. Becoming a Mo Sista is definitely a great way to meet guys. I mean, asking a guy about his moustache is the ultimate pick-up line.

Adam Garone:  During Movember 2004, which was our first fundraising year, we had 450 guys in Australia, and together we raised $54,000. With the advent of social media, your reach personally is so much greater, through Twitter and through Facebook… Cut to Movember 2010, we had 450,000 guys spread across the world, and we raised $81,000. Ten years from now, I firmly believe through the power of Movember that we can effectively cure prostate cancer.


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