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Nous publions régulièrement, ci-dessous, des leçons d’anglais gratuites pour vous permettre de pratiquer votre anglais. Pour en savoir plus sur nos cours de langues avec des professeurs qualifiés, expérimentés et de langue maternelle, cliquez ici!

Past simple – Cambridge Satchel Company (A2-B1/a135)

Past simple - Cambridge Satchel Company (A2-B1/a135)
Grammar : learn how to use the past simple tense in English.
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Meetings – Times and dates (A1-A2/a286)

Meetings - Times and dates (A1-A2/a286)
Business skills : learn to talk about the time and dates in order to plan your meetings.
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Working internationally – Describing your job (A2-B1/a278)

Working internationally - Describing your job (A2-B1/a278)
Specialist vocabulary : learn 10 key expressions for describing your job.
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Is this the End of Globalization? (B1-B2/v28585)

Discussion topic : Is globalization good or are we better off on our own?
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Why Coffee Naps Are Better than Regular Naps (B1-B2/v25518)

Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone
It's counterintuitive, but scientists agree that drinking coffee before napping will give you a ...
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The Origin of April Fools Day (B1-B2/v908)

Ask History: April Fools
April Fools Day is a light-hearted tradition celebrated all around the western world, but ...
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The Gettysburg Address (A2-B1/v724)

The Gettysburg Address As Read By Johnny Cash
The Gettysburg Address is a speech that was given by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln ...
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A Millennial Job Interview (B1-B2/v893)

A Millennial Job Interview
Much has been made in recent years about the particular characteristics of the so called “millennial” generation (born after 1984) that make them difficult to communicate with ...
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Remembering John Lennon (B1-B2/v28777)

John Lennon Remembered 40 Years After His Killing
December 8th, 2020 marked the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in ...
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Why France Produces the Most World Cup Players (B1-B2/v28831)

Why France produces the most World Cup players
France has had the most native players and coaches in the last 4 World ...
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How to Read a Graphic Novel (B2-C1/v837)

TEDxDartmouth 2011- Michael Chaney: How to Read a Graphic Novel - March 6, 2011
Dartmouth College Associate Professor of English, Michael Chaney, presents a survey of contemporary graphic novels ...
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Where the Wild Things Are: A Visit with Maurice Sendak (B1-B2/v205)

Maurice Sendak – 'You Have to Take the Dive' | TateShots
Legendary American children’s book writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, reflects on his work, legacy ...
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The Great Barrier Reef (A2-B1/v807)

Great Barrier Reef | Exploring Oceans
The largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef spans more than 1,200 miles (2,000 ...
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“You’ll never know everything about anything.”

Julia Child