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ABBA’s Virtual Reality Voyage Concert (B1-B2/v27669)

How the ABBA Voyage Concert changes live music, forever
What does ABBA's Voyage Concert mean for the future of live music? Is ABBA ...
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China’s Expansion in Europe (B1-B2/v28035)

The cost of being in debt to China - BBC News
Billions of dollars of Chinese money are boosting some European economies - but some ...
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U2’s Birthday Song for Mandela (A2-B1/v27420)

U2's Bono and The Edge sing Happy Birthday [HD - High Quality]
U2's Bono and The Edge sing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela for his 90th ...
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Hans Rosling on Global Population Trends (C1/v540)

Religions and babies | Hans Rosling
The population explosion over the course of the last 100 years has put unprecedented pressure ...
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Living Fossils and Vaccines (B1-B2/v1152)

Living fossils to play key role in making sure COVID-19 vaccine is safe
Horseshoe crabs have a unique type of blood that makes sure any medical product ...
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India All Women Bank (A2-B1/v744)

India launches first all-women bank
Recognizing the difficulty that Indian women can have in getting loans, a bank in India ...
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The Single Biggest Reason Why Start-ups Succeed (B2-C1/v27823)

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross
Bill Gross has founded a lot of start-ups and incubated many others and got ...
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The Importance of Juneteenth (B1-B2/v22695)

The Importance of Juneteenth
Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the emancipation of African-Americans who had been enslaved in ...
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Vertical Farming in Singapore (B1-B2/v577)

Vertical farms solve land problem
Vertical farming aims to eliminate transportation and energy costs while growing great local food ...
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Winston Churchill