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Nous publions régulièrement, ci-dessous, des leçons d’anglais gratuites pour vous permettre de pratiquer votre anglais. Pour en savoir plus sur nos cours de langues avec des professeurs qualifiés, expérimentés et de langue maternelle, cliquez ici!

Past simple – Cambridge Satchel Company (A2-B1/a135)

Past simple - Cambridge Satchel Company (A2-B1/a135)
Grammar : learn how to use the past simple tense in English.

Meetings – Times and dates (A1-A2/a286)

Meetings - Times and dates (A1-A2/a286)
Business skills : learn to talk about the time and dates in order to plan your meetings.

Working internationally – Describing your job (A2-B1/a278)

Working internationally - Describing your job (A2-B1/a278)
Specialist vocabulary : learn 10 key expressions for describing your job.

Is this the End of Globalization? (B1-B2/v28585)

Discussion topic : Is globalization good or are we better off on our own?

How Caffeine Influenced the Rise of Capitalism (B1-B2/v32082)

How Caffeine Addiction Changed History (ft. Michael Pollan) | WIRED
Michael Pollan, author of “This is Your Mind on Plants”, goes into the history ...

The “Truth” About Thanksgiving? (B1-B2/v32122)

Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG | Decoded | MTV News
Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but the whole story Americans are taught in school ...

U.S. Students Head to Germany for Free Degrees (B1-B2/v1141)

US students head to Germany for free degrees - BBC News
While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany ...

Paris’s Rapidly Expanding Bike Lane Network (B1-B2/v31848)

How Did PARIS Transform Itself into a Cycling City?
We all know Amsterdam is a cycling city, but more and more cities across ...

Instagram Traps are Changing Art Museums (B1-B2/v1143)

How "Instagram traps" are changing art museums
There’s a new generation of pop-up art experiences designed to look good in person ...

Vertical Farming in Singapore (B1-B2/v577)

Vertical farms solve land problem
Vertical farming aims to eliminate transportation and energy costs while growing great local food ...

Work is the New God (B1-B2/v1115)

Work Is the New God
Should a job provide a paycheck or a purpose? Traditional religion lends some people ...

Magic of School, South Sudan (B2-C1/v941)

Bringing the magic of school to South Sudan | UNICEF
This ‘magical’ video portrays South Sudan’s goal to bring access to education back from years of war. Even before the current crisis, the education system in South Sudan was in difficulties ...

Why You Have an Accent in a Foreign Language (A2-B1/v31926)

Why you have an accent in a foreign language
Ever wondered why it's so hard to sound like a local when you go ...

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