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Test yourself – Present perfect v. Past simple / B1-C1

Test yourself - Present perfect v. Past simple / B1-C1
Compare the following two sentences and then read the explanations below. Past simple:    ...
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Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 (B1-B2/v20929) (Singaporean accents)

As average temperatures in Singapore are increasing at more than double the rate of ...
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Covid-19: The Future of Air Travel (B1-B2/v1145)

From sanitation portals in the airport to plastic dividers on the airplane, find out ...
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Germany’s Transition to Electric Cars (A2-B1/v1106)

Germany's auto industry is facing mounting challenges amid a slowing global economy and uncertainty ...
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The Vegan Economy has Arrived (B1-B2/v1105)

Is Veganism just a passing trend or the beginning of a whole new industry ...
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English for Business – les phrases essentielles

English for Business -  les phrases essentielles
Il ne suffit pas de comprendre ces expressions à l’écrit. Vous devez être capable ...
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So Long to the Double Irish (B2-C1/v516)

This Financial Times video explains how companies have been using a tax  structure known ...
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Human resources – Work-life balance (A2-B1/a362)

Human resources - Work-life balance (A2-B1/a362)
A recent study by the Harvard Business Review highlighted where businesses should focus their efforts to improve work-life balance ...
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A Day in the Life of an HR Manager (A2-B1/v572)

Two young HR managers at Unilever describe their training program and their typical day at work ...
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From Baguettes to Bistros: Protecting French Cultural Heritage (B2-C1/v1006)

A competition has recently emerged (2018) to protect various characteristics of France’s “intangible cultural ...
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Indra Nooyi – The “5 Cs” of Leadership (B1-B2/v476)

Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo (2006 to 2019) talks about the qualities ...
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China’s Panda Diplomacy (B2-C1/v909)

The USA and China are about to resume trade talks. How will China’s policy ...
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Is Photography Art? (B2-C1/v046)

Several photographers and experts discuss the question of whether photography should be considered as ...
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35-Year-Old Man Living Like it’s 1946 (B1-B2/v932)

As current events shine a spotlight on the UK Parliament, there is renewed interest ...
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Food Wastage Footprint (B1-B2/v574)

Food wastage is a massive global problem, and one way of trying to help to ...
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Management – Management Styles (B1-B2/a325)

Management - Management Styles (B1-B2/a325)
A recent survey has confirmed that management styles vary by age. Brush up your vocabulary for discussing management ...
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Treat Employees Like Customers (B2-C1/v994)

Today's companies will stop at nothing to ensure that their customer’s experience is pleasant ...
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Meetings – Interruptions (B1-B2/a382)

Meetings - Interruptions (B1-B2/a382)
Whether you’re in a meeting or a conference call, it’s sometimes difficult to make ...
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We’re the Super Humans! (A2-B1/v793)

The extraordinary Para-Olympians remind us that they indeed may be the most amazing athletes, and ...
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